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Indonesia is dominated by volcanoes that are formed due to subduction zones between the Eurasian plate and the Indo-Australian plate, Indonesia with 129 actives Volcanoes and everydays have more than one volcano eruption in Indonesia, some of volcano still ongoing eruption

Indonesia Volcano Guide Specialist for Active Volcano and also Ongoing eruption

Group size 4-6 Person (schedule 20 Oct 2023 – 02 Nov 2023) Indonesia is a part of Ring of Fire with hundreds volcano, This program you will visit the real continue eruption volcano in indonesia. In North Moluccas have 2 … Continue reading

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This trip is design for only special eruption tour, if you interesting feel free to contact me at from end of october 2016, Mount Sinabung continue ongoing eruption with pyroclatic flow into southern flank. Mt Sinabung Special eruption tour, … Continue reading

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Mount Rinjani Eruption 2015 : Indonesia Volcano Erupts

Select Your need Destination Adventure Program for Volcano Adventure – Expedition – Mountain Trekking | Explore Indonesia | Customize Tours in Indonesia feel free to Contact us to Rinjani volcano Locate Lombok Island is a part of Lesser Sunda, … Continue reading

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Mount Raung Eruption made made Volcanic Cone and also fresh Lava Flow inside the Caldera

Mount Raung Volcano, with elevation about 3300m asl, still continue eruption with Mild Strombolian – maybe look likes Vulcanian and also made Volcanic Cone and fresh lava Flow inside the Caldera Produce of Ash Plume, Lava Bomb and Lapili. Wake … Continue reading

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