Gunung ibu (ibu Volcano ) on October 2013, Lava Dome still continuesly eruption

Gunung Ibu, Ibu Volcano locate at Ibu distric west halmahera, North Molucas indonesia. with elevate 1325m asl. Ibu Volcano still continuesly eruption with also Active Lava Dome stil Growing and also high about 1250m asl

Ibu is a stratovolcano with a single historic eruption in 1911. The eruption was explosive and made the Crater and until now, still growing and continuesly active since Aug 2009

When I visit Ibu Volcano, some rock fall still continuesly and now, it’s looks merger the Active Crater in One Main Active craters and still very active with Gas Presure and also some times made Ash and Rock Plume arround the active craters, but this unstable eruption.

Local People reported, on July 2013 this some of Lava Dome made Explosive eruption with produce of Lava Bomb about more than 1 km from tha main Craters

this is some photo of our trip, this trip also visit Others Volcanoes in North Molucas, Dukono Volcano, Gamkonora Volcano and also Gamalama Volcano.












More information about Guide to climb Ibu Volcano, you can contact me

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