Photo Update : Mount Bromo Eruption 17-20 March,2011

this is some photos of Mount Bromo eruption.  begin at Nov 24.2010 Mt Bromo erupt with phreatic eruption with plume of Mud, ash and Smoke, this situation still continue eruption and on Feb early 2011, Mt Bromo sometimes have Strombolian eruption with combination also phreatic.

this photo I take from March 17 to March 20,2011, 3 night at Mt Bromo, on evening we climb Mt Batok for good Position to take Photograph also from the Temple, 1 km from Bromo crater

Mount Bromo with Strombolian Eruption, this will be have after this Volcano stop eruption, sometimes  beetween 3-4 hours, and also continue Eruption with Phreatic eruption.

Phreatic Eruption on March 19,2011.  This take from the Hotel near Cemoro Lawang Village

Combination eruption of Mt Bromo, produce Ash Plume, Sands and Lava Bomb, sometimes the Lava Bomb jump more than 400 m from the Crater

[picasaView album=”MTBromoOn17202011″ instantView=”yes”]

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